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Approaching GDPR Deadline Spurs Cyber Risk Management Action
The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect in May 2018.... >>
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Taking Control Of Your Medical Program Utilising The Power Of Analytics
We are currently witnessing a surge in medical inflation across the region with increased incidences of chronic diseases, rapid population growth, the introduction of compulsory me... >>
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Webcast: Insurance Markets 2017: Midyear Update
Panelists to discuss insurance and risk trends that could shape the market this year and into the next.... >>
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Global Insurance Market Index: Q2 2017
Global insurance renewal rates fell for the 17th consecutive quarter in the second quarter of 2017, according to Marsh's just-released Q2 2017 Global Insurance Market Index, a prop... >>
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Ship Versus Ship Collision Claims
Maritime firms could experience protracted legal and contractual complexities following ship to ship collisions, if these incidents are managed incorrectly. In addition, this could... >>
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Delta CrimeBlock® - A New Response to the Rise of Social Engineering Fraud
Social engineering fraud is widespread, increasing at an alarming rate, and the fraudsters are persistent and relentless in the pursuit of their crimes. For those unprepared organi... >>
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At the Heart of Your Organisation – Mercer Marsh Benefits Quarterly Update
Stay up up-to-date with the latest UAE related employee health and benefits trends, challenges and risks in our quarterly update “At the heart of your organisation”... >>
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Petya/GoldenEye Puts Spotlight on Marine Cyber Risks
The cyber-attack disrupted the shipping industry for days. How can this persistent/pervasive global risk be managed?... >>
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2017 Medical Trends Around the World
 ... >>
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Risk In Context: Employee Ultimately Paying For Medical Inflation
We are currently witnessing a surge in medical inflation across the region with increased incidences of chronic diseases, rapid population growth, the introduction of compulsory me... >>
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Risk in Context: The Impact of Employee Wellness
With medical inflation increasing at the rate it is; companies have a vital role to play in improving health and wellness of their employee s across the Middle East... >>
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Cleanup Information and Claims Support for “Petya/GoldenEye” Cyber-Attack
On 27 June, a ransomware cyber-attack — possibly the Petya virus or a variation known as GoldenEye — hit major government agencies and operations in the Ukraine and Russia, as well... >>
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#WannaCry: Lessons Learned and Implications
The recent large-scale WannaCry attack underscored the financial and businesses disruption harm that cyber-attacks can cause.... >>
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Captives at the Core: The Foundation of a Risk Financing Strategy
The report analyzes the growth of captives throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, discusses tax and regulatory changes affecting captives, and provides... >>
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Power and Utilities Market Update 2017
Power and Utilities Market Update analyses current global insurance market conditions including available capacity and underwriting approach.... >>
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Recent Developments in Qatar: Risk Management Implications
This report details the risk management implications that companies should be aware of regarding the recent developments in Qatar.... >>
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Global Insurance Rates Decline for 16th Consecutive Quarter
 ... >>
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The Changing Tide of Risk: Expert Perspectives on the Marine Industry
Marsh’s report, The Changing Tide of Risk: Expert Perspectives on the Marine Industry, consists of a collection of articles examining the risks and opportunities facing the marine ... >>
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Risk Engineering Position Paper: Shift Handover
Improve communications during shift handovers, which is a key layer of protection in the prevention of major incidents, with this latest engineering paper. ... >>
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Is Political Risk Affecting Your Infrastructure Projects?
Political risk is the probability of disruption to the operations of multinational enterprises by political forces or events, whether they occur in host countries or result from ch... >>
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Wannacry Ransomware Cyber-Attack: Managing the Crisis
The ransomware cyber-attack that hit every kind of organizations and tens of thousands of computers on 12 May was unprecedented in how quickly and widely it has spread.<br />... >>
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The New Reality of Risk Workshop: Delivering Optimal and Sustainable Employee Health Benefits
Join the Marsh New Reality of Risk Workshop: Delivering Optimal and Sustainable Employee Health Benefits to discover more about the factors that are driving this cost increase and ... >>
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The New Reality of Risk: Assessing & Managing Cyber Risk Workshop
Recent high-profile cyber breaches across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) illustrate the far-reaching effects a data security or privacy issue can have on a business. Cyber... >>
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Global Geopolitical Risk Concerns for Businesses in 2017
Multinational organisations must be aware of, and prepare for, political and economic risks in both developed and developing markets in 2017. This article outlines the key issues ... >>
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Managing Geopolitical Risk Amid Global Instability
Webcast panel to discuss key global events and critical regions that may impact your organization’s growth and expectations of growth in 2017.... >>
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Oil Prices Transforming Global Geopolitics
Political events can have a significant influence on the price of oil, but the price of oil also has a strong influence on political events. ... >>
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Mining Market Update March 2017
Market commentary from key mining hubs, with in-depth analysis and commentary on current global insurance market conditions for mining risks.... >>
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2017 Global Risk Report – MENA Outlook, United Arab Emirates
Marsh & McLennan Companies are a strategic partner of the Global Risks Report, an annual publication released by the World Economic Forum at Davos. This year’s Global Risk Report p... >>
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Thank You for Attending the Marsh Infrastructure Risk Management Forum
The 2017 Marsh Infrastructure Risk Management Forum titled ‘From Risk to Resilience in the Infrastructure Industry: Assessing the Challenges and Opportunities in Emerging Infrastr... >>
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Global Risks Report 2017
The World Economic Forum’s twelfth Global Risks Report, produced with Marsh & McLennan Companies’ support, provides an outlook on the threats facing the world in 2017.... >>
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Cyber Threats: A Perfect Storm to Hit Europe
Amid cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure, a profoundly changing regulatory environment, and skepticism about businesses’ preparedness, companies across Europe are being challe... >>
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Managing Increasing Terror Risk within the Sports and Events Industry
This risk adviser discusses terrorism risk solutions for sports and events organisations.... >>
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Power Market Update
Marsh’s Power and Utilities Market Update analyses current global insurance market conditions for power generation risks and the underwriting approach of the world’s leading carrie... >>
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MMC Cyber Risk Handbook 2016: Increasing Resilience in the Digital Economy
New collection from Marsh & McLennan Companies gathers insights from our cyber leaders and third-party cyber experts to help companies better assess cyber risks, develop comprehens... >>
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Resilience Amid Disorder: Steering a Path Through Social and Political Unrest
New report from Marsh & McLennan’s Global Risk Center examines recent civil disturbances, domestic political crises, and extremist violence around the world to help companies bette... >>
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International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds’ Guidance Clarifying the Definition of a “Ship”
New guidance clarifying the definition of a “ship” under the Civil Liability Convention for Oil Pollution Damage, 1992, has been developed, following five years of consultation.... >>
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Mining Market Update
Marsh’s Mining Market Update features market commentary from key mining hubs, with in-depth analysis and commentary on current globa insurance market conditions for mining risks.... >>
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Regulation Risk Ready: How Do the Newly Introduced HAAD Changes Affect Your Employees?
There have been a number of changes announced by HAAD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi), who are the regulator for health insurance in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.... >>
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The Road to Resilience 2016: Managing Cyber Risks
The road to resilience – managing cyber risks is the third risk dimension investigated as part of the Financing Resilient Energy Infrastructure initiative. Prepared by Marsh & McLe... >>
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Overcoming the Pilot Shortage
The global airline industry continues to grow rapidly due to economic, technological, and demographic changes. As a result, over the course of the next 20 years, it has been estima... >>
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Global Loss Trends: Analysing The Causes of Power Generation Claims
Marsh’s latest power claims report provides an in-depth analysis of the primary and secondary causes behind of some of largest and most complex power generation losses. ... >>
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Strategies for Minimising Your Natural Catastrophe Losses Pre-Event
Recent natural catastrophe events have once again highlighted the importance of making sure your company is prepared to recover from a disaster. We take a look at several steps you... >>
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Shipping Industry Vulnerable Following Hanjin Administration
Hanjin bankruptcy: Our latest briefing explores those likely to be affected and the insurance coverage issues.... >>
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Navigating a Shifting Risk Landscape: Expert Perspectives on the Marine Industry
Marsh’s compendium of articles examines crucial risk issues for the marine industry.... >>
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Sky-high Risk: The Impact of Increasing Tall Tower Construction in the UK
Skylines across the UK are rising. With an increasing number of tall tower construction projects in the pipeline, we explore the risks associated with these enormous projects.... >>
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Environmental Risks in Infrastructure Projects
Our insights on environmental risks in infrastructure projects discusses the key risks to watch out for and how to mitigate them.... >>
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The Black Swan: The Unexpected in Ports and Terminals
The Black Swan: The Unexpected in Ports and Terminals explores the steps operators should take to best guarantee the future success of ports and terminals against black swan events... >>
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New 2016 York-Antwerp Rules and General Average Adviser
For nearly 140 years, the York-Antwerp Rules have been the benchmark set of terms that by contractual agreement seek to clarify what would constitute an allowable general average e... >>
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2016 Energy & Power Loss Control Newsletter
Our 2016 edition of the Loss Control Newsletter (LCN) offers six insightful articles from our Global Energy Risk Engineering Team and much more… ... >>
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Defining Measures to Accelerate the Energy Transition
The triple challenge of providing secure, affordable and sustainable energy systems – the so-called Energy Trilemma – has never been more complex.... >>
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New Verification of Gross Mass (VGM) Requirements
A number of serious containership losses at sea, where misdeclared weights of containers being carried was seen, or at least suspected, to be a primary or contributing cause of the... >>
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Understanding the Fundamentals of Business Interruption Insurance
Business interruption (BI) is not just a consequence of property damage; it can be anything that interrupts a business. Terrorism, supply chain failure, natural catastrophes, and c... >>
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Can Private Equity Firms Provide Effective Care for their Employees Against a Back Drop of Soaring Medical Insurance Costs?
The rising cost of medical insurance is one of the most significant issues facing employers in MENA. According to Marsh’s study of its private equity and portfolio clients, employe... >>
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More Organisations Seek to Address Uncertain Global Risk Environment Via Captive Insurance Companies
The Marsh 2016 Captive Benchmarking Report examines today’s increasingly complex global risk landscape and the roles that captives can play in addressing these unique challenges. ... >>
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National Oil Companies Conference 2016: Highlights and Insights
Marsh's sixth National Oil Companies (NOC) conference took place in Dubai on 22-24 March, 2016. This biennial conference, titled Insights for a New Era in Energy Risk, brought toge... >>
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Demand for Transactional Risk Insurance Hits Record Highs in 2015
Strategic investors and private equity firms are using the coverage to better compete for assets. Demand for transactional risk insurance continued to increase during 2015 across a... >>
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Mining Risk Reporting: Emerging Trends in an Evolving Risk Landscape
The period 2005 to 2015 was one of intense change for the mining industry. New risks have been posed by technical innovation and frontier investments, and traditional risks continu... >>
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How to Protect Your Building in the Event of a Fire
The recent spate of fires across the region has prompted questions regarding the causes of the fires and what can be done to prevent similar fires from starting or from spreading s... >>
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100 Largest Losses 1974-2015
Marsh reports on the 100 largest property losses in the hydrocarbon industry to highlight where the risks lie and how to manage them.... >>
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Benchmarking the Middle Eastern Energy Industry
Middle Eastern energy facilities have strengthened their risk-quality position since 2013, with hardware a particular success story in the region, according to our report, Benchmar... >>
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Can Energy Firms Break the Historical Nexus Between Oil Price Falls and Large Losses?
Historically, sharp declines in oil prices have led energy companies to scale back on spending in areas such as staffing, employee training and maintenance, which have subsequently... >>
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Power and Utilities Market Update 2016
Soft market conditions prevailed across the power generation sector in 2015, with major capital investors attracted by the power utility business which brought new capacity to the ... >>
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Benchmarking the Asian Energy Market: Strengths and Opportunity
Asia’s energy sector continues to grow rapidly as consumer demand in the region increases. Our latest benchmarking report on energy companies reveals that Asian risk portfolios are... >>
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Plumbing the Depths: Hydrographic Concerns for Modern-Day Large Vessels
Commercial vessels of enormous proportions are already plying waters around the world. What are the hydrographic concerns for such large vessels?... >>
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Plumbing the Depths: Hydrographic Concerns for Modern-Day Large Vessels
Marsh calls for a higher priority to be given to hydrographic survey work to protect mega-ships at sea.... >>
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Europe, Middle East, Africa Insurance Market Report 2016
With 2016 under way, the global insurance marketplace appears to be heading in the general direction of soft pricing, reflecting insurer capacity, competition, and relatively low c... >>
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Iran Sanctions Relief
On 16 January 2016, so-called Implementation Day, economic and financial sanctions relief under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between China, France, Germany, Russi... >>
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Mining Market Update 2015
The latest Mining Market Update features market commentary from the international markets for mining risks, and the key mining hubs of Australia, Canada, Latin America, South Afric... >>
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Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention: The Impact on Shipowners
On 14 April 2015 the ‘Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks 2007’ will enter into force. It is designed enable a coastal state to take legal action against haza... >>
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Infrastructure Risk Management: The Importance of Professional Indemnity Insurance
In October 2015, we held our fourth annual Infrastructure Risk Management Forum in Muscat, Oman. We gathered together a diverse and dynamic group of speakers and panelists who shar... >>
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Heightened Political Risk Tensions Challenge Foreign Investors and Multinational Companies: Marsh’s 2016 Political Risk Map
In the last decade, multinational organisations have undertaken unprecedented international expansion, leaving them exposed to an expanding array of global credit and political ris... >>
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Global Risks: Geopolitical and Societal Risks Top Concerns for Organisations
Disruptive shifts in technology, geopolitics, societal expectations, and economic inequality are creating a new fragility in the world that is directly impacting how governments an... >>
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Terrorist Attacks in Paris Highlight Importance of Corporate Preparedness
The horrific terrorist attacks in Paris serve as a harsh reminder of the ever-present threat of mass violence and the importance of keeping your employees safe with integrated and ... >>
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The Contango Conundrum
Marine insurers are becoming increasingly concerned about the issue of “contango” and its potential to affect bulk carrying vessels, most notably oil tankers.... >>
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Global Insurance Regulatory and Premium Tax Update
Global insurance regulation and premium-related developments affecting insurance contracts procured by a multinational group.... >>
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Greece’s Financial Troubles Could Disrupt Credit Insurance Market
Read Marsh’s guidance for businesses trading with Greece following its sovereign default. ... >>
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Greece Capital Controls: Risk and Insurance Considerations
Read Marsh’s guidance on the risk and insurance considerations of Greece’s sovereign default.... >>
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Strong Capacity Drives Buyer’s Market for Political Risk Insurance
Despite growing concerns about global political and credit risks, strong competition among insurers is driving prices to an all-time low.... >>
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Engineering for Success Seminar: Highlights and Insights
Marsh’s third Engineering for Success Seminar in Abu Dhabi was a resounding success. Read the key messages delivered in this Executive Summary.... >>
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UAS Technology Could Make Manned Aviation Safer
UAS technology could one day be embedded into existing architectures used in manned aviation to enhance safety, according to Simon Jewell, Chairman of ASTRAEA.... >>
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Dawning of the Drones: The Evolving Risk of Unmanned Aerial Systems
The unmanned aerial systems industry’s rapid development is underpinned by the insurance market’s willingness to provide cover for deploying the technology.... >>
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Marsh Insights: Cyber Liability Board Exposure
As recent high-profile cyber events highlight cyber exposures for organisations and their senior executives, our latest boardroom briefing discusses the current climate, and also f... >>
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The World of Captives: Growth and Opportunities without Borders
The new edition of our Captive Solutions Benchmarking Report explores how captives are being used strategically and identifies areas where captives may be underused.... >>
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Survey: The Impact of Private Equity Ownership on Risk Management
A survey of 50 C-suite executives at private equity owned companies on the impact private equity ownership has had on their risk management.... >>
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Cyber Risk in the Transportation Industry
As transport operators digitalise their operational technology, the risk of a cyber-attack is elevated, and new architecture should be controlled and protected.... >>
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Annual Transactional Risk Report
The Annual Transactional Risk Report reveals how global demand for transactional risk insurance surged during 2014, helped by record demand in mature markets.... >>
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Global Risks 2015
Are we prepared for the greatest threats to our world?... >>
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Marsh Emirates Launches 'Smart Patient' Initiative
Marsh Emirates has developed a new initiative to help HR managers contain the rising medical insurance costs and prevent them from being forced to cut down benefits for their emplo... >>
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Sports and Events Risk and Insurance Benchmarking Survey 2014
The European Sports and Events Risk and Insurance Benchmarking Survey Report looks at risk management strategies and of the total cost of risk for organisations.... >>
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M&A Transactional Risk Solutions: Global Update
Growth in new markets has fueled increased adoption of mergers and acquisitions insurance among the global deal community.... >>
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Ebola Pandemic – Marsh Client Advisory
For Non-West African countries, the incoming risk of Ebola may be low but travel to and brief stays in affected West African countries require adequate precautions before leaving, ... >>
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Global Insurance Regulatory and Premium Tax Update
Insurance regulation and premium-related news from Marsh that could affect your organisation’s insurance arrangements if you are a multinational business.... >>
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Capacity Over-Supply Significantly Impacting the Energy Market
Energy insurance price reductions took most by surprise. Read how this is impacting the market in Marsh’s latest edition of the Energy Market Monitor.... >>
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Bowring Marsh Power and Utilities Market Update
Bowring Marsh's power insurance market update looks at power, property, casualty and terrorism insurance markets, as well as power generation risks.... >>
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Marsh Holds Its Third Consecutive Infrastructure Seminar
Marsh Qatar will host its third consecutive event titled 'Infrastructure Risks: Enabling Informed Decisions’ on 4th November 2014 in Doha, Qatar.... >>
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Sanctions on Russia: Seven Risk Management Considerations
Marsh’s latest update on the ongoing unrest in Ukraine provides clients with a response to some important risk and insurance-related questions.... >>
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Global Property Insurance Rates Decline in Second Quarter Amid Strong Capacity
Rates for property insurance fell in most major global regions as LAC and Continental Europe saw the largest declines, with rates falling by 8% to 9% on average.... >>
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Dubai New Mandatory Health Insurance
Essential guide to Dubai's new medical insurance law... >>
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Cyber Gap Insurance for Energy – Marsh Client Advisory
Insurance market response to growing threat for Energy industry in the Middle East... >>
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The Risk of Cyber Attack to the Maritime Sector
In Marsh’s new report, we examine the issue of cyber risk in the maritime sector and the potential consequences of an attack.... >>
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Marsh Appoints Martin South President, US and Canada Division
Marsh, a leading insurance broker and risk advisor, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. (NYSE:MMC), announced today that it has appointed Martin South as President, US and Canada division, effective September 1, 2016.... >>
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Marsh Executes on Commitment to Rapid Expansion of Marsh Analytics Platform
Real-time platform now backed by industry’s largest proprietary global loss database, trained global team of sales professionals, and hundreds of devices with groundbreaking mobile delivery.... >>
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Marsh Closes Cyber Insurance Gap for Energy Companies
Marsh today launches its Cyber Gap Insurance to close insurance gap and aid energy firms’ effective management of cyber risks.... >>
Views: 4907  |  Published: 16-Jun-2014
Robert Makhoul Appointed Executive Chairman and Steve Lundin as CEO of Marsh Middle East and North Africa
Marsh today announced the appointment of Robert Makhoul to the position of executive chairman, Marsh Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and the appointment of Steve Lundin to succeed Mr Makhoul as CEO, Marsh MENA.... >>
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Multiple System Failure Root Cause of Energy Sector’s Largest Losses
Multiple process and safety systems failure is the most common cause of the largest property damage losses in the global energy sector in the past 40 years.... >>
Views: 3671  |  Published: 18-Mar-2014
Next Generation Industrial Control Systems Create ‘Open Invitation’ For Hackers
The widespread adoption of internet-based industrial control systems means the global energy sector is increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hacking.... >>
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Global Transactional Risk Insurance Market More Than Doubles in Three Years
According to research published today by Marsh’s Private Equity and M&A Services Practice, global demand for transactional risk insurance has grown substantially over the last three years.... >>
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National Oil Companies’ Global Expansion Creates New Risk Landscape
The global oil industry is facing a new landscape of risk as it reconciles growing consumer demand for energy amid changing operating conditions.... >>
Views: 3576  |  Published: 17-Feb-2014
Earthquake Recovery Expedited By Insurance Industry Response
New Marsh research highlights significant insurance industry role in national recovery following major earthquakes in Chile, Japan and New Zealand.... >>
Views: 4185  |  Published: 15-Jan-2014
Worsening Wealth Gap Seen as Biggest Risk Facing the World in 2014
World Economic Forum Global Risks 2014 report: The chronic income gap between the rich and poor is most likely to cause damage globally in the next decade.... >>
Views: 3910  |  Published: 14-Jan-2014
Martin Massey Joins Marsh's Risk Consulting Practice in Middle East and North Africa
Marsh today announces the appointment of Martin Massey, who joins the Risk Consulting Practice in Dubai.... >>
Views: 4803  |  Published: 08-Jan-2014
Garry Taylor Appointed As Head of Dubai Office of Bowring Marsh
Marsh today announced the appointment of Garry Taylor as the Head of the Dubai office of Bowring Marsh, its dedicated international placement unit specializing in property, casualty and terrorism.... >>
Views: 3815  |  Published: 12-Dec-2013
2014: An Energy Insurance Buyers’ Market
The energy insurance market is set to enter 2014 with abundant capacity and competitive terms for firms with good claims histories.... >>
Views: 3641  |  Published: 09-Sep-2013
Weather-Related Losses Remain Costliest In Global Power Generation Sector
While weather-related losses remain comparatively rare in the global power generation sector, research published today by Marsh highlights that their financial impact is considerably higher than other operational loss events.... >>
Views: 3565  |  Published: 13-Aug-2013
Global Insurance Rates Decline In Most Regions
Insurance rates in most major regions declined modestly in the second quarter of 2013, while rates in the US rose moderately, according to Marsh's latest Global Insurance Market Quarterly Briefing.... >>
Views: 4230  |  Published: 12-Aug-2013
Simon Dodsworth joins Marsh's Infrastructure Practice in Middle East & North Africa
Marsh today announces the appointment of Simon Dodsworth, who joins the Global Infrastructure Practice in Dubai.... >>
Views: 3639  |  Published: 24-Jul-2013
Global Infrastructure Projects at Risk by Failing to Address Climate Change
According to a report published today by Marsh, Sustainable Infrastructure – Weathering the Storms, the sustainability of infrastructure assets should be assessed at the project inception stage and throughout the asset’s lifecycle. However, many investors, particularly those operating in sectors or ... >>
Views: 4459  |  Published: 23-Jun-2013
Marsh Saudi Arabia Appoints Bassam AlBader as Chief Client and Market Officer
Marsh Saudi Arabia Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers today announces the appointment of Bassam H. AlBader as Chief Client & Market Officer (CCMO).... >>
Views: 3729  |  Published: 11-Jun-2013
European Credit Risks and the Effects on Premium Rates
Rising European trade credit insurance rates are being fuelled by increasing risk and bad debt losses, according to Marsh.... >>
Views: 3996  |  Published: 13-May-2013
Neil Irwin Appointed As Managing Director in Marsh MENA
Marsh today announces the appointment of Neil Irwin to lead the firm's business development across its Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.... >>
Views: 3567  |  Published: 25-Apr-2013
New Frontiers of Energy Exploration Pose Threat to Global Economy
While the global energy sector is playing an increasingly pivotal role in stimulating economic recovery, the industry’s failure to mitigate the risks associated with the new frontiers in exploration and production could potentially jeopardise future growth.... >>
Views: 3734  |  Published: 13-Mar-2013
Marsh Reports Surge in Demand for Transactional Risk Insurance Among Global M&A Community
According to a report issued today by Marsh's Private Equity and Mergers & Acquisitions Services (PEMA) practice, demand for transactional risk insurance grew by 41% globally in 2012.... >>
Views: 3586  |  Published: 30-Jan-2013
EMEA Commercial Insurance Market Expected To Remain Stable in 2013, Although Rates Set To Rise for Financial Institutions
The insurance market across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) is expected to remain broadly stable in 2013 despite the losses that impacted the market globally in 2012, according to a report published today by Marsh. Organisations across EMEA with attractive risks and good loss histories may... >>
Views: 4199  |  Published: 08-Jan-2013
Income Disparity, Water Supply Crises Seen as Key Risks in MENA
Severe income disparity is regarded as the most likely risk over the next decade by experts on the Middle East and North Africa, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Risks 2013 report.... >>